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"Men's health continues to be a collection of staggering statistics and that is something that needs to change..."


"Change however can only occur via participation and a large part of that participation involves discussion, feedback and sharing experiences for others to learn about.

At times that can be hard for some or most men to be a part we don't like to talk about or share our burdens and fears. I see it in men of all ages. We need to change that, we need to talk more.

What better way is there to start a conversation? Grow a massive set of handlebars on your face! Somebody has to notice that surely? Fair to say I have never grown facial hair longer than 5 days... so who knows what I am up for... ridicule no doubt... though it has to be worth you paying for it!"

-- Bill O'Flaherty (General Manager)"

2020 has been a tough year on not only the country, but also the construction industry. 

The construction and building industry is commonly associated with male toughness. In one study, workers in the construction industry were found to have elevated prevalence rates of depression and anxiety, with construction workers more than twice as likely to suicide as other people in Australia [Source]. 

This year, Spaceframe Buildings are taking part in Movember to raise funds and awareness for men's health.

Mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer – we’re taking them all on.

Whether it's growing a mo, or committing to running / walking / cycling 60km over the month, we want to help change the stats. 

So why are we taking part?

To donate, please visit the "Face Frame by Spaceframe" Team here.

For more information on Movember, visit the official website here

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