When a new employee joins the Spaceframe team, they are gifted a TradeMutt shirt. Regardless of their role, everyone receives a conversation starter because mental health impacts everybody.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate and everyone has a story.

“TradeMutt is a social impact workwear brand, by tradies for tradies. We make funky eye catching work wear designed to start conversations around mental health among the blue collar community, helping make an invisible issue impossible to ignore. Through the sale of TradeMutt Workwear we help fund free and unlimited professional mental health support for tradies, truckies and blue collar workers through our own support service tiacs.org” — TradeMutt

“Our relationship began many years ago when the founders of TradeMutt, Ed and Dan, were first starting out.

At the time, we had a couple of our Site Managers working away on jobs interstate. To see members of our team, struggling with being away from their families really struck a chord with me, so we were keen to keep them engaged, positive and make them feel less alone whilst still connected to their colleagues back home.”

— Jane Raspotnik (Joint Managing Director)

Integrating the TradeMutt shirts into the Spaceframe uniform has allowed the team to continue starting valuable conversations around mental health. We pride ourselves on our commitment and responsibility in creating open channels of communication for discussion around a topic that has affected our industry for too long.

The Spaceframe team are proud to do our bit to help make an invisible issue impossible to ignore.

Each year we hold an R U OK Day event – it’s an opportunity for the whole company to come together for a yarn over lunch. In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever for our team to stay connected.

If this post has raised any mental health issues for you, the TIACS support line is available Monday to Friday, from 9AM – 5PM on 0488 846 988. Visit tiacs.org for more information.



We were honoured to be featured as the TradeMutt Business of the Month for February 2021. Click here to see what members of the Spaceframe team had to say about the impact the shirts have had.

To start your own conversations, check out the TradeMutt website.

For more information on R U OK Day, visit their website here.